For Everyone

On this page, you can read descriptions of my yoga offerings for everyone to see what suits you, supports you and brings you joy. You will find studio classes, workshops and 2.5hr retreats. You can also book me for private yoga sessions and yoga in your workplace tailored to your needs. If you would like to make a booking or have any questions, please get in touch.


Level 1 Yoga


This yoga class is for everyone from beginners to more experienced yoga practitioners. In this slowly paced class, you have time to sense and accept what is going on in your body, mind and emotions. By developing awareness, you are empowered to understand which movements, postures and breath rhythms work for you at any given point in time and how they can serve you. Every class has a different physiological focus with a brief explanation at the beginning. In this way, you can expand your yoga toolbox over time. There is a strong focus on breath awareness. The class also includes both intuitive and guided posture and movement, sound practices, guided meditation and rest. Multiple options for postures and movements are offered, so everyone can make choices according to their energy level, needs and abilities. Some practices will challenge your stamina, some will challenge you to surrender. At the end of class, you will feel more embodied, stronger and nourished physically as well as mental-emotionally.

Flow and Restore


This class is suitable for everyone including first time yoga practitioners, pregnant and postnatal women. The intention is to prepare you to surrender into deep relaxation to rejuvenate and nourish you and make you feel more nourished, heartful and connected. Deep breathing being the essential tool to relaxation and revitalisation, breath explorations and breath-initiated movement are at the heart of this class. To invite your brain to take a holiday in your embodied present moment experience and meet yourself where you are, you are invited to interpret movement and posture cues intuitively through the lens of your personal movement vocabulary and your energy level. By half time, we all join in a grounding forward bend, a seated sounding practice and guided meditation to bridge into the surrender into gravity in restorative yoga poses for about half an hour. We will slowly resurface together and wake body and mind up to prepare to step back out into the world in a shifted inner state.


Breathing Tools for all Occasions


This workshop is for everyone who is interested in being introduced to a selected variety of breathing techniques that have the potential to shift our mental-emotional state in a challenging situation or with a specific intention. Breathwork and breath inquiry can be applied to achieve inner calm or centeredness, heightened states of awareness, shift difficult emotions and/or cleanse energetically, emotionally or physiologically. Some practices are going to be guided in a resting position, some seated, breath-initiated movement will be practised standing up. Bring your child-like spirit of openness, playfulness and curiosity. You will walk away empowered with new tools for everyday life and special occasions. This workshop is not suitable for pregnant women.

Inviting Harmony

2.5hr Flow and restore RETREAT

This 2.5hr retreat is suitable for everyone including first time yoga practitioners, pregnant and postnatal women. The intention and practices are the same as for a Flow and Restore class (see above). The theme of harmony is woven through the 2.5hrs as an image and culminates in gentle heart-centred songs accompanied by acoustic guitar during the final relaxation. The other luxury element is: time. The session has room to build a longer sinus wave from start to end than a normal yoga class. We begin with yoga nidra including breath awareness, the movement section is extended, there are two yin forward bends and an extended sounding practice plus guided heart-centred meditation and you will enjoy two restorative yoga postures. Listening to heart-centred music while resting can open the door to a beautiful place inside yourself, can guide you home into your heart. We will resurface slowly so you can keep the connection to your heart and prepare to meet the world outside in harmony with yourself.


Yoga with FeetUp®


Would you like to experience something new, boost your confidence and connect with others through play and support? The FeetUp was invented as a headstand stool for those who cannot hold a headstand safely due to neck injuries and/or lacked the shoulder flexibility and arm strength. The more I used it in private sessions, classes and workshops, the clearer it became how versatile its use is for movement, postures and breathwork. If you are currently not practising headstand for the reasons above, are new to inversions or you are practising headstand and would like to experience new possibilities upside down, this workshop is for you. With the stable support of the FeetUp, a whole new dimension of practice opens up. There will be a warm up without inversions. We will follow a step-by-step approach and will learn how to spot each other. This creates room for everyone to go at their own pace and playfully discover new body-mind-breath experiences right way round and upside down. This workshop is not suitable for pregnant or postnatal women, those suffering from acute injuries in the shoulder girdle, high blood pressure, glaucoma or heart disease.

Yoga with FeetUp®

private session

Private sessions give you the opportunity to ask all the questions you have and for me to tune into where you are coming from. Especially if you are afraid of inversions or currently suffering from depression, this is for you. In a 1-2-1 FeetUp session with me, you can bring your emotions to the table and we will work with them rather than against them while slowly approaching the physical inversion. Whether you go upside down in the first session or your intuition tells you to take it more slowly, you will walk away empowered. Facing your fears in a physical way can give you a huge confidence boost. In the context of depression, inversions tend to have a positive effect on our mood which is why you might find yourself coming down smiling. Of course, you can also choose to book a private session to simply find out more options, variations and possibilities to practise with FeetUp.