For Women

On this page, you can read descriptions of my yoga offerings for women to see what suits you, supports you and brings you joy at this point in your life. You will find studio classes, workshops and 2.5hr retreats. You can also book me for private sessions and yoga in your workplace tailored to your needs. If you would like to make a booking or have any questions, please get in touch.


Womb Connection

2.5hr Retreat

This 2.5hr retreat is for women of all ages and stages of life, pregnant and postnatal women are welcome. Bring your mother, sister and/or best friend! When we come together intentionally to honour our experience in a female body and life as a woman, a beautiful safe space opens up with the opportunity to arrive home with ourselves and each other. In this womb and heart-focused nourishing session, we will travel into deep connection with our intuition by means of yoga nidra, greet each other in a welcome circle, explore practices specific to the female body, move gently, powerfully and intuitively on our own and with each other. No previous yoga posture experience is required. I will guide you through a 10-minute massage sequence in a restorative pose which will leave you lovingly prepared for a final guided mediation and rest. My guitar and I will reawaken you with gentle song. You can let the music wash over you or sing along. At the end of this mini retreat, you will feel more connected, nourished and at peace.

A Pelvic Floor Masterclass


This workshop is valuable for women of any age and stage of life, pregnant and postnatal women are welcome. The pelvic floor is both physiologically and energetically an elemental support structure in our bodies. Because we can’t see it and it is not much talked about, it is very common that we don’t have a relationship with this crucial part of our anatomy. The intention of this workshop is to bring this relationship (back) to life. We will explore the pelvic floor through yogic practices from yoga nidra to physical exercises and breathwork. Due to my years of experience of teaching pregnancy and postnatal pelvic floor practices, you can expect a light-hearted yet precise approach to the topic and you will leave feeling recharged, empowered, more connected with your pelvic floor, yourself and the group.


Go with Your Flow


This is of value for women of any age with or without a monthly cycle. If you are currently pregnant, enjoy this special period without a period in your life you might want to join us once your cycle has resumed. There are probably more relevant empowering topics out there for you in this particular life stage. Female bodies are designed around cycles: both the monthly cycle as well as stages or cycles of life from menarche through childbearing age through menopause to post menopause. In this workshop, we are going to explore yoga practices, ideas and exercises that help us look and feel into how we can respect ourselves as cyclical beings in this linear world. We will tune into being in the flow of life in a female body - in our beautifully individual ways – as a doorway to better health, self-care and a lifted sense of self-worth.

Pregnancy Yoga

group class

Whether or not you have practised yoga before you became pregnant this class is for you. The intention is to create a welcoming space where you can consciously connect with your baby and dive into your intuitive body wisdom. Carefully selected practices of movement, breathing, sounding, meditation and yoga nidra provide you with tools to support the acceptance of the changes and challenges of pregnancy and preparing mentally and physically for a positive birth experience and motherhood. The session will leave you feeling more nourished, revitalised, strengthened, rested and connected to yourself and your baby as well as to other mothers to be.


Pregnancy Yoga

private session

If for one reason or another it works better or feels better for you to practise yoga during your pregnancy on your own at home (or in my home studio near Seven Sisters) under my guidance, there is the option for 1-2-1 sessions. A private pregnancy session is built around the same intention and practices as a pregnancy yoga class (see above). The advantages are that it can be tailored specifically to your needs whether those may be physiological or mental-emotional, we can use items you have in your home (like chairs, cushions etc) and the timing can be fitted to your schedule.

Adapting your Yoga Practice During Pregnancy

private session

If you have you been practising yoga before you became pregnant and would like to continue going to yoga classes during pregnancy or practise on your own at home, then this session is for you. You might feel unsure about what you should or shouldn’t be doing and/or your yoga teacher feels that he/she can’t pay sufficient attention to you while teaching a general yoga class. In this private one-off session, we will discuss benefits, modifications and contraindications of posture and breathing practices, sun salutations and talk about general guidelines so you feel empowered to keep practising throughout your pregnancy and your teacher will feel confident to let you come to class.


Yoga for Labour - Birth Preparation with (Birth) Partner

group workshop

Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different and no birth is the same. So how to prepare for labour, birth and beyond? My intention as the space holder is to empower and support you to find out which of the below mentioned tools might work for you. The workshop caters to the needs of both the mother-to-be and the (birth) partner.

We will talk about stages of labour and birth and playfully and mindfully explore options to meet them with breath and sound, resting positions and movement, visualisations and affirmations, relaxation and meditation – and why and when they can be useful. By changing roles, both partners will get the chance to feel into what it is like to give as well as receive support. As an induced labour is a possibility, we will also touch upon the different dynamics of a self-starting birth vs an induced birth and how to be present with each challenge.

Yoga for Labour - Birth Preparation with (Birth) Partner

private session

If for one reason or another it works better or feels better for you to prepare for labour and the birth of your baby at home under my guidance, there is the option for a 1-2-2 session. A private yoga for labour session is built around the same intention and practices as the group workshop (see above). The advantages are that it can be tailored specifically to your needs whether those may be physiological or mental-emotional, we can use items you have in your home (like chairs, cushions, walls, staircase etc) and the timing can be fitted to your schedule.


Postnatal Yoga and Massage

private session

The immediate postpartum period of 6 weeks is sometimes called the 4th trimester of pregnancy. It is characterised by the physiological and mental-emotional changes as your body heals and your system adapts to a non-pregnant state and/or breastfeeding as well as the obvious complete life change of looking after a human being. The intention of this session is simply to mother the mother. We will indulge in simple yet powerful restorative practices and breathing techniques for postnatal nurture, healing and support that can make all the difference for mother and baby. Due to feeding, carrying a little person, weakened core strength and pelvic floor muscles (both after vaginal or caesarean birth), the back and shoulders are usually tense. This session therefore includes massage. The restorative postures that we will set up are also useful for your partner or helpers.

Birth Doula

Presence at Birth

Do you feel you would like to have someone with you around the time of birth that doesn’t leave (unless you say so)? Someone who can hold space for you, makes you feel safe and loved and supports both you and your partner in your choices for labour and birth? If you are interested in me as your doula, I would recommend for you to attend my pregnancy classes regularly, so you can see how you feel in my presence and if you trust me. I then recommend to either attend a birth preparation workshop or book a private birth preparation session, so your birth partner can see how he/she gets on with me. We can then find the best suitable package for you which might include pre-birth chats with you and your partner, the birth, and postnatal visits.