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3 Hour Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra Mini Retreat

  • Yoga Place E2 1st Floor, 449-453 Bethnal Green Road London E2 9QH UK (map)

Resting is a revolutionary practice. Ask yourself when have you last given yourself the time to take three hours out of your day to constructively rest?

In this mini retreat, you will be given space and time to do just that. We’ll begin with gentle, floor-based, intuitive and breath-guided movement to arrive in our bodies. We then move through a series of restorative yoga postures using props to meet each body where it is to truly unwind from the inside out. Our body has its own intelligence. If we give it the opportunity and some time, it knows just how to make the best use of this situation. There will be an informal water in and water out break at half time. Afterwards, we will continue with restorative yoga, adding in a yoga nidra (a guided meditative relaxation connecting you to our intuition). There will be gentle, guitar-accompanied song at the end of the yoga nidra and the end of the final restorative pose. We will use the last ten minutes of the retreat to come back to our senses and back into reality through breath, sound and movement, so no one runs into a lamppost when leaving the studio!

There are a few factors that influence the depth of a relaxation practice:

Do you feel safe? The sanctuary of the yoga studio at Yoga Place and Maren’s calm and warm presence as an experienced spaceholder will create the setting for you to trust and surrender into your experience. Our subconscious knows it is safe to relax when others around us are relaxing. Restorative yoga can be very rich when practised in a group.

Are you comfortable and warm enough? Plenty of props from bolsters, cushions and blankets to eye pillows and belts are available for everyone. If you would like to make sure to be extra comfortable and warm, it is recommended to bring an extra blanket, a towel and a light shawl. While resting, the body temperature drops. Therefore, wear enough layers and bring warm socks.

The overall intention of this mini retreat is comfort, joy and nurture. You work hard every day in one way or another. Give yourself a break.

To book please follow this link. Thank you and see you there!