Thai Yoga Massage

60 MINUTES £60 • 90 MINUTES £90

If you feel your body and being is in need of receiving mindful healing touch, being gently yet deeply stretched and being moved and massaged to relieve tension and stress, this massage is for you. You are lying on a thick futon in comfortable clothing that allows for full range of movement. We will use blankets and cushions as needed. A TYM session brings all parts of your body back into relationship and includes so-called dynamic techniques like rocking which together with the physical holding of body parts and the dance-like joined movement of the giver and receiver invite your nervous system to let go and relax. In various positions Marma points acupressure points will be woven into the massage. Expect to feel more at home and at ease in your body, heart and mind.


Pregnancy Thai Yoga Massage

60 MINUTES £60 • 90 MINUTES £90

The intention of a pregnancy Thai Yoga Massage remains the same as for a general TYM (see above). Pregnancy is a time of change in the physical body as well as mental-emotionally and this will be reflected in the massage. Positions might be modified with more focus on side-lying than back lying, lying on your front might be replaced with leaning forward over a bolster or bean bag. Instead of big stretches, the focus will be on rocking and gentle opening to avoid overextending ligaments which are more flexible under hormonal influence. Marma points are only very carefully and gently used with contraindications in mind. This massage is a beautiful journey into relaxation and the connection between you and your baby. Both of you are in safe and loving hands.


Postnatal Thai Yoga Massage

60 MINUTES £60 • 90 MINUTES £90

The immediate postpartum period of 6 weeks is characterised by the physiological and mental-emotional changes as your body heals and your system adapts to a non-pregnant state and potentially breastfeeding as well as the obvious complete life change of caring for a human being. The intention of this session is simply to mother the mother. You will be resting in beneficial restorative postures and learn a breathing technique for postnatal nurture and healing. The massage is still a whole body experience yet focuses on those parts of your body that are specifically challenged due to feeding, carrying your baby, lack of sleep and pregnancy-related weakened core and pelvic floor, that is back, neck and shoulders. Feeding your baby as needed during massage is welcome and can be integrated. Expect to feel held, nurtured and more settled.


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If you have any questions or would like to check availability, please get in touch. The prices on this website are for massages at my treatment room. If you prefer a home visit, a travel fee applies depending on the length of the journey.

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